The feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe

The feats of St. Maximilian Kolbe according to the new arrangement is held on the 14th of August, so, it is the next feats after the commemoration of St. Claire.

A great idea is to add some Polish idea to your feats table and this article will show you some simple ideas that you can use anytime, even if you fail to prepare for the feast beforehand.

The main course: a sausage and vegetables

Polish cuisine is pretty rich in meat and fat and that is what we are going to use for our table.

To recreate the real taste of Polish cuisine, ideally, you will buy a real Polish sausage, however, it might simply be unavailable in the place of your residence. If it so, you can go for any raw sausage made of pork. You will also need around eight slices of bacon, preferable thick. Get two red bell peppers which you will need to cut into squares as well as two onions. The spices for this dish are very simple. these are only pepper and salt.

According to the preparation guidelines, you are supposed to boil your sausage for around 15 minutes first and then, you will need to drain it and cut into slices.

Slices of bacon should be fried in a skillet. When the beacon is ready, you will need to remove it from the skillet or frying pan leaving the fat. This will be used for frying your onions. Then, add the sausage slices to onions and add red bell pepper to it. Stir everything together for around ten minutes.

Now, you can season it and pile it on a serving platter. Add bacon to the dish.

Simplified version of kiffels

Kiffels is a wonderful dessert that resembles Polish candies known as Ptasie Mleczko. While there is nothing impossible for passionate cooks, this dessert will require quite a lot of time for refrigeration, so, it will be possible to prepare it for your feast only if you have enough time the day before.

Still, you can make a simplified version of this dish which is more American. Actually, the dessert will be indeed very simple as it is basically marshmallows covered with chocolate.

All you need to prepare such a dish is a single can of chocolate frosting or, you can always use the recipe for homemade frosting discussed in our article dedicated to the celebration of St. Claire’s day. Definitely, this will require a bit more time.

You will certainly need a bag of marshmallows and it is recommended to use bigger ones. Get chopped peanuts, almonds or any other nuts of your choice.

To prepare this dish, all you need to do is to warm the frosting to the point when it has a soft consistency, however, make sure, it is not runny as we are not going to use it as a glaze. You can use skewers or toothpicks to dip your marshmallows into the frosting. The excess of the frosting should be allowed to drain off. Now, you can dip the marshmallows covered with chocolate in nuts.

The best way to let the dish cool is to leave it on waxed paper.