Where Does Negative Energy Come From?

Just like a fish is surrounded by water in the ocean, human beings are enveloped by energy. This energy can be classified into negative and positive. In this article, we will focus on negative energy and explore its origins. Understanding the source of negative energy will facilitate the transformation into positive energy, ultimately enhancing our emotional and physical well-being.

Stress and Anxiety

We often become the creators of negative energy ourselves. Our reactions to different situations are entirely within our control. If you are facing challenges at work or in your relationships, experiencing financial difficulties, and you are responding to these experiences with fear, you generate a considerable amount of negative energy that can further drain you energetically. Learning to maintain inner peace, irrespective of external circumstances, is crucial. Wise spiritual teachers consistently emphasize that attaining enlightenment begins with complete emotional mastery.

Astral Beings

Another rarely discussed source of negative energy is the presence of spirits of deceased individuals who have not transitioned to the other side. Just as spending time with negative individuals can drain our positive energy, being in the company of lost, negative spirits can deplete our energy and have a negative influence on us. These spirits can leave us feeling emotionally and physically exhausted, without discerning the underlying cause of our discomfort. To delve deeper into this mysterious subject, you can find additional information on the website: www.wandapratnicka.com.

Negative Individuals

People surrounding us can serve as another source of negative energy. Spending time with individuals who incessantly complain, gossip, or have a perpetual bad mood can adversely impact our outlook. Just as water poured into a glass always seeks its level, the energy between individuals spending time together tends to balance itself. If you invest time with someone who possesses less energy than you, your own energy levels may be depleted.


Unhealed traumas within us can also generate negative energy. Our unresolved past acts as an open wound, constantly agitated, bleeding, and unable to heal. When we mentally revisit negative events from the past and allow anger, sadness, or resentment to resurface, our emotional wounds reopen, inundating us with negative energy. Healing our past often necessitates the practice of forgiveness, both towards ourselves and others.


Neglecting our physical and emotional needs invites negative energy into our lives. Poor dietary choices, lack of exercise, inadequate rest, insufficient sleep, and succumbing to addictions contribute to an environment surrounded by negative energy. Many individuals prioritize the needs of others over their own, failing to realize that when we feel weakened or dissatisfied, we are unable to offer anything positive to others.

Remember, everyone experiences energy dips from time to time. It is crucial to consistently monitor our energy levels and swiftly identify the source of negative energy, enabling us to restore a sense of well-being. Books on spiritual development, meditation, or seeking assistance from professionals can aid us in this journey.