- Religious themes slot games

Religious themes slot games for Catholics

It is pretty much unlikely that gambling would be associated with any form of religion themed games but it appears that it has changed now. With a bunch of religious themed slot games readily available players can now delve into the supernatural world of their famous deities. The following are some of the most awesome slot games with accompanying religious themes.

Bible slots

It is a lovable theme and is quite a realistic game of slots. It is almost similar to the live casino which comes with more realistic wins and realistic losses. As soon as players get the game downloaded on their devices they are granted a bonus of 200 coin.The slot games actually contain these bible-based games: The trials of Job, Christmas Story, Adam and Eve and Noah`s Ark. It comes with a crystal clean display and players can claim their daily treasure once every day. As with every other slot games, coins can be bought with actual money, with number of purchasable coins ranging from 1, 000 coins up to 165,000 coins.

While the slot can work offline, overall it is a game that looks really good and numerous reviewers have stated how much they were blown away by the game`s features.

Age of the Gods: God of Storms Slot

This game is a game that is dedicated to Zeus, the Greek God. It is set in an old city. The game was developed by play tech and had 5 reels along with 25 pay lines. Featuring in the game is Aeolus, Hippotes` son, who is the harbinger of winds. It is a narrative that properly suits the Greek game of slots. Set in along with Aeolus, are the entertaining reel spins, an Argo icon that acts as a wild symbol. When this appears, players can stack it, which will get some excellent bonuses unlocked and this make Aeolus to activate the re-spins feature of wild wind. In terms of slot games that that are themed around ancient Greek empire, no one compares to the fun that can be obtained from this particular game. The game can be played along several devices including the mobile phone. With this support function, players can enjoy the game from any location and at any time. Moreover, the game has 4 random in-game jackpots which are triggered. This surely adds to the game`s excitement and getting a jackpot when you least expected it, is sufficient to brighten up your day. While Zeus is not really featured in the game, it is a pretty much popular game to be played currently.

Titans of the Sun: Theia online slot

The game is a fairy tale about the famed Mount Olympus. The game is dedicated to Mount Olympus with complimentary stunning visuals and authentic sounds that make it altogether enjoyable. While it has free spins, scatters and standard wilds, the game has a creative feature –a mysterious symbol that can turn into any normal symbol (or can turn even into wild symbol when using free spins which will lead to bigger wins. However, why the game may seem like a huge opportunity to win a lot of money, the game foes not give out huge wins in it’s 15-payline slot. Rather, players are likely to be awarded prizes that will keep the balance of their casino levelled.

Age of the Gods: Goddess of Wisdom

The Age of Gods is among the titles included in the games for Playtech series slots, the Greek gods as well as the Greek goddess. The game is basically a 5 reel and a 20 line video game slot which has an immersive display and sound features. These features makes you feel as though you had teleported into the enigmatic realm of ancient Greek gods and goddesses, heroes and myths. Players could take advantage of the scatters and wilds. Furthermore, players get to enjoy three games in the free mode that has various numbers of games they can play for free, multipliers and expanding wilds. Moreover, players are able to win lots of cash prizes as every bet being placed gives you the opportunity to become a winner of any of the progressive jackpots – Ultimate Power, Super Power, Extra Power and Power. And also keep in mind that a high bet gives you a higher chance for getting into the jackpot game.

Age of the Gods: Furious Four Slots

While it is a slot of full ancient Greek gods, the game itself can also motivate players to win prizes. Furious Four is to a large extent the most excellent sequel spawned in the popular Playtech series for ancient Greek gods. The game which is a 5 reel and 20-line title comes with completely supernatural game display and popularly features two ancient and powerful Greek gods – Hephaestus and Apollo, the pretty Pandora, Titan Atlas, also with a pretty collection of poker symbols, plus an accompanying sound that can best be classified ad normal. While the . games comes with a high quality graphics that players will find enchanting, the slot also has a bunch of intriguing features which includes scatters and wilds, in addition to free spins. Also, any one out of all four features can be activated during the free spins. These features basically include the symbol of Hephaestus, freezing wilds, increasing multipliers, expanding wilds and extra spins which all show up at every location of the reels. Though these features could actually create a boost for you to win amazing cash prizes, however, several of them are lesser in terms of importance to the popular Playtech jackpots which the game offers also. The game is an interesting slot game that will have players exploring the mythological stories of the Greek gods.

Medusa 2 Slot

Apparently known to be among the most excellently regarded mythological creatures ever seen is certainly media, whose stare dramatically changes all things into stone. However, in the scenario of this NYX-developed slot, Medusa`s stare can indeed turn everything to pure money. The game is had 5 reels and is a slot with 243-ways to win. It has a pretty awesome graphical display and the sounds are really something to behold ad they elicitcomical effects to imitate the snakes located on the head of Gorgon. Also the game had some pretty unique features that are dedicated to the story of Medusa. The game make for a dynamic and authentic play, and it is one of the most interesting slot games on this list.