August feasts: St. Lawrence

On the 10th of August Catholics are celebrating the feast of St. Lawrence who is regarded by the Christian religion as the patron of cooks.

To commemorate this Saint, let’s recall some of the facts about him and serve a table.

How can you celebrate today?

St. Lawrence had a horrible death since he was martyred in the open flame. Regardless of experiencing all of his pains, he was so devoted to Christ and believed he would not feel anything while it is of no importance to the person saved by Jesus. At the same time, he preserved some playful mood, telling his annihilators to turn him over the open fire since one of his sides had already been done.

The particular way the Saint was killed gave a tradition to serving cold dishes on this day which also makes it easy to prepare for the fist in case for some reason you have forgotten about this important day or just do not have enough time to prepare for it properly. Of course, you can still cook something that requires high temperatures beforehand and serve it cold. This is absolutely allowed.

Some of the ideas for you to serve on this day are certainly various chilled entrees and sandwiches, however, do not forget about a variety of desserts you can prepare for your commemoration of St. Lawrence especially ice cream!

Grilled muffins for St. Lawrence

One of the ideas for today, especially if you have kids is baking so called-grilled muffins. These ones are called grilled since they are decorated in the way referring to various grilled dishes. For this purpose you can use any sort of decorations you have at home whether it is a chocolate cream, jellybeans or any other sweets.

If you are short on time, you can use a ready-to-use flour mix, for instance the one with vanilla will really do well. You can add some brown sugar and cinnamon to it to enrich its taste and make the muffins look even more appealing and intact with the theme of grilled food.

Some of the grilled foods you can makes as decorations include hot dogs, kebabs and pork chops. Pork chops can be easily made of candies made of caramel cream. Use a charcoal mixture as your black paint and apply it with a toothpick to create typical marks of grilling on the surface of your pork chops.

Kebabs or barbecue can be made on toothpicks. All you need to do is to make tiny slices of colourful jelly beans, fruit slices or anything that can represent vegetables. Caramel Cream candies again can be used to form pieces to represent meat.