Your August menu to celebrate the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Immaculate Heart is the Christian representation of the desire of Mary to help all of the people to reach Jesus. This is an important month of the year that can be compared to the celebration of the Sacred Heart, which is dedicated to the love of Christ for the entire humankind.

The month is filled with important days that can be celebrated with special cuisine and this article will help you to plan your feast menu for the entire month.

What to expect ion August?

The 4th of August is a traditional feast of St. Dominic and, at the same time, it is a new tradition of celebrating the day of St. John Vianney. Note, that according to the new rules, the new day for celebration the day of St. Dominic is on the 8th of August, while this is also the day for the traditional celebration of the day of St. John Vianney.

The 4th of August

An idea for your feast meal for the celebration of the day of St. John Vianney is the following.

You can try to keep the decorations pretty simple, even without any tablecloth in order to symbolise the simple lifestyle of the Saint. As your main meal, you can try cooking Chicken Mustard and Vege Pasties coming from the French cuisine.

A great dish to symbolise the constant war of the Cure against the devil, you can try making the Devils on Horseback dish which is made of prunes wrapped in bacon. As a side serving, you can simply boil potatoes and serve them with beans.

As a dessert, you can make a chocolate mud cake.

The 8th of August

If you are going along with the new plan of commemorating days, you can celebrate the day of St. Dominic on the 8th of August.

A great suggestion for the celebration of this day is to cook something of the Spanish Christian cuisine since the Saint was from Spain.

Again, the cuisine should be kept simple, since the focus of the preaching of the saint was penitence.

A great option for the feast would be Chicken Sauteed with Fresh Tomato or, as it is called in Spanish, Pollo con Tomate which is made of chicken legs or thighs, fresh tomatoes, brandy, olive oil and such spices as garlic, thyme, pimento or Spanish paprika as well as bay leaves.

You should also serve some orange juice on that day since there is a beautiful legend of the orange tree associated with St. Dominic. It would be the best beverage to raise your glass to the Saint.

Your next celebration would be the day of St. Lawrence on the August 10 according to both the traditional and new celebration schedule.