The most iconic Catholic food and beverages

It might appear that Catholics are constantly fasting abstaining from a variety of food regarded by others as delicious and nutritious, however, it is not like that. Catholics have a very developed cuisine, especially if you think about special dishes cooked for various religious events and celebrations. This article will show you some of these most common foods.


Even though this dish should be essentially called dumplings, it is also known under the Polish name pierogi as it also comes from this country. In fact, these dumplings can have a variety of fillings and can be tailored to different tastes whether you prefer them salty or sweet. In addition to it, they can even be prepared in different ways. While the first step is always boiling in hot water, some might prefer eating dumplings baked or friend afterwards, albeit they are already ready for consumption after being treated with hot water.

Polish pierogi is a particularly popular national dish among almost all of its citizens whether they are Catholics or not. Still, for the Catholic cuisine, this dish has a particularly crucial meaning especially since it is usually prepared for the Christmas feast.

Beer and wine

It is not so obvious for non-Catholics that brewing beer and making wine were essentially two extremely popular activities of Catholic monks. In fact, there are many monks who are still specialising in it. Moreover, there is a whole variety of other alcoholic beverages created by Catholics.

If you are a Catholic yourself, you are certainly aware that this religion even has its own patron of beer, famous Saint Albert.


Needless to say, the fish has been one of the oldest symbols of Christianity. The roots of the symbolism of fish come from the traditional way of calling Peter with his disciples as fishers.

Today fish is widely consumed by Catholics on various occasions and on a regular basis, cooked in different ways according to the local cuisines. It is a common dish during special Catholic celebrations, especially the time of Christmas feast. In addition to it, fish is the most common choice of the Catholics refraining from eating meat on Fridays according to the religious recommendations. This is done in order to commemorate the Christ’s sacrifice.

The Eucharist

There is no need to explain how crucial for Catholics the Eucharist itself which is the most original Catholic food you can come across. The process of getting the Eucharist as a gift and consuming it is has great religious significance of coming closer to the Saviour.