The things you should know about your guardian angel

One of the most beautiful parts of being a human is the protection of one’s own guardian angel who is keeping an eye on anything happening to you. These powerful creatures are of a great help in any situations whether they are some serious life-changing events or small things about our daily life.

Even though guardian angels are so close to us, many of us are not aware of many crucial facts about them. By the way, you are certainly aware of the fact the concept of a guardian angel is not preserved exclusively for the catholic religion, however, there are some aspects regarding these angels which are specific to Catholicism. This article will provide you with such essential information.

People cannot transform into angels

One of the most essential things you should understand about angels is the fact people cannot turn into them. This might be brand-new realisation to many Catholics since there is a popular image of people coming to the union with God after their death as of holy creatures flying with their wings in Heaven. Still, according to the concepts of Catholicism, such individuals will receive gloried bodies, however, they will remain themselves forever and will not be able to transform into angles.

Yet, this should not make you sad. Read the next passage and you will find out when it is even better for people to remain themselves.

God loves people more than angles

One of the common idea about angels is their perfection. In all likelihood, you yourself have such an impression of angles and imagine them as absolutely flawless creatures. Certainly, they do live in Heaven in close to God and they life is a complete communion with Creator. Yet, if you delve into the Catholic teachings, you will see, this does not make them more beloved by God than people are.

There is a great difference in the positions of humans and angels in the relation to God. These were people who were considered to be the highest form of the creation and not angels. Actually, angels are regarded as the God’s servants and only people are the children of God.

Everyone has one’s own guardian angel

Undeniably, the struggle of everyday life on earth makes even the most spiritual people to forget some crucial aspects of life including the constant support one is getting from a guardian angel. Needless to say, the more struggle there is in the life of a person, the more it seems like one is left all alone on earth and there is no help he or she can count on. In the reality, everyone has a guardian angel no matter what is the relation between a person and one’s angel.

From the very first day on earth, guardian angel has been taking care of you and you certainly should feel gratitude for that.

Each angel is different

It is not difficult to imagine angles as creatures deprived of personality and being more as universal creatures with the same features. The exception from this rule are probably the angels and archangels who were specifically mentioned in the Catholic teaching. For them, it might be easier to imagine some specific personality and other features. This is probably also the result of the fact angels are not generally named and you can even come across the practice of not naming angels recommended by the Office for the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacrament’s Directory On Popular Piety and the Liturgy. As it has already been mentioned, the Office is encouraging to keep the names exclusively for Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

Yet, you should know that in the Catholic religion, each angel is different and this crucial aspect is highlighted in the Angelic Doctor written by Thomas Aquinas.

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  1. I like the guardian angel philosophy. It allows me to walk through life with peace of mind, believing that a higher power is watching over me.

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