Build your Catholic library for children

Undeniably, one of the best ways of spending time together with your kids is reading. This amazing activity is keeping you in touch, entertains both you and your children and certainly gives you an opportunity to share the knowledge with your kids which you would like them to have.

While there had already existed a wide variety of amazing books on the Catholic faith for children, the modern printing techniques combined with the creativity of contemporary writers and illustrators has given abundance of amazing titles to children. Moreover, authors today know how to create engaging books for the smallest children.

Certainly, such a variety of books might also be overwhelming and, as a responsible parent you would like to get the best titles for your child. In addition to it, you undeniably wish these books to speak about the religion in a coherent way. This article will help you to understand which books to add into your home library for children.

Catholic literature about the Saints for the youngest readers

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, your home library should include books describing the lives of the Catholic Saints. If you are looking for the titles which will teach your kids about the holy women and men in the way most appropriate to the young age, you should pay your attention to the works of such writers as Katie Baklinski, Carey Wallace, Tomie dePaola and Emmanuel Beaudesson. there are many other great authors as well.

Some of the perfect examples of the way Catholic literature for young readers should look like are Cloud of Witnesses: A Child’s First book of Saints written by Katie Warner, Light of Heaven: A Children’s Book of Saints created by Adalee Hude and the Meghan Bausch’s Saintly Rhymes for Modern Times.

Catholic books about Mary for children

The next essential group of any children’s home library is the books dedicated to the Blessed Mother. Undeniably, this is the heart of the Catholic faith.

Some of the authors you should pay your attention to in the first place are Marlyn Monge, Joëlle d’Abbadie and Carrie Gress. Tomie dePaola also has amazing books to offer to children such as Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Mary Stories from the Bible and The Lady of Guadalupe. Another crucial catholic writer who has already been mentioned above is Katy Warner. She has two beautiful books about the Blessed Mother such as I Went to Mass: What Did I See? and Father Ben Gets Ready for Mass.

The books on Bible stories and Bibles for children

Of course, you should include the Bible for kids into your library and also can get adapted stories of the Bible for your children. Some of the best options under this category of literature are The Beautiful Story of the Bible written by Maïte Roche, The Life of Jesus According to St. Luke created by Sophie de Mullenheim and The Illustrated Parables of Jesus which is a shared work of Christine Ponsard and Jean-Francois Kieffer.

The books on prayer for the youngest readers

The young age is a perfect time to teach your children about praying and developing their love of prayers which can last for the entire life. Beautiful books created by the talented contemporary writers will help you in this task.

Katy Warner, who has already been mentioned under the previous categories of the books dedicated to children has such an amazing work on prayer as Let Us Pray: A Child’s First Book of Prayers. Pay your attention to such books as Stories of the Blessed Sacrament written by Francine Bay and Loyola Kids Book of Catholic Signs and Symbols created by Amy Welborn.

The literature on sacraments and the Church

Definitely, at least one book exploring the topic of sacraments and the crucial aspects related to the Catholic Church is an absolute must-have in your home library. You might be interested in getting Your First Communion: Meeting Jesus, Your True Joy by Pope Francis and Stories of the Blessed Sacrament by Francine Bay for your kids.

Other books worth adding to your library

Undoubtedly, the books on this list are just some of the examples of the best literature for children offered by the contemporary authors. The variety of literature goes beyond these titles and also explores other topics related to the Catholic Faith which are not necessarily go under the categories proposed in this article.

You might be willing to get such books as Heavenly Hosts: Eucharistic Miracles for Kids written by Kathryn Griffin Swegart, Lilly Lolek: Future Saint by Katie Warner or explore the options available to Catholic readers on your own.

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