Your feast table through the year

Although it is not mandatory, a feast table will certainly become the best decoration of your home. Setting a feast table according to a particular liturgical season of the Catholic Church is one of the greatest ways to bring the celebration in your home which both adults and children will like a lot.

Such a feast table can be used during an entire year, however, as far as you can imagine, it will be particularly magnificent during the feasts and other holidays of the Church.

If you still do not have such a table at home, this article will give you several great ideas for organising it.

What is a feast table?

If you have never seen such a table before, you can just imagine it as a specific place in your home decorated accordingly to the particular memorial day of the liturgical season. Of course, as you can imagine, on some days, the table will have particularly beautiful decorations while on others it might look somewhat simpler, yet, the idea is creating a special space for the Catholic attributes for celebrating the significant days of the Catholic calendar. Needless to say, this place can be also a comfortable space for praying at home.

Certainly, not everyone have enough space for creating a separate feast table. If it is challenging for you, you can just earmark a particular surface for this purpose. For example, it can be the top surface of the console which has another function at your home as well. Furthermore, in case this option is not available for you either, you can switch to a feast basket which can be a great alternative to a feast table for small spaces.

What can be settled on your feast table during the ordinary time?

The idea of a feast table is to use it all year round and not necessarily exclusively for big feasts.

First of all, it is a good idea to put some cloth matching the liturgical season on your table.

Secondly, a feats table is obviously the best place to hold any calendar of the memorial days dedicated to the Catholic saints. Of course, it should be opened on the page corresponding to the current day.

It will be a nice addition to your table to put a candle on it. This element is certainly useful for devotions.

A great idea is placing a special frame for a picture or a board where you can write with a dry erase marker. This one is handy for writing the information about the current feast day.

Providing you have kids in your family, you should also consider decorating your feast table with small figurines of altar boys and a priest. You can easily purchase several sets of such beautiful figurines wearing the clothes of the colours matching to the particular liturgical event. You will see how much the children of your family will like changing the figurines according to the feast.

Finally, if you have enough space for having such a table, you should also consider organising a book basket.

What should you include into your book basket for a feast table?

As you can imagine, the books included into such a basket will vary according the liturgical season, however, you can have a permanent set of literature in your basket. The books you decide to put there will depend on your own needs and the needs of your family. For example, for the families with children some literature on the lives and deeds of the Catholic saints as well as one of the editions of the Bible dedicated to children will be advisable. You might also prefer adding a book of the Catholic cuisine in your basket, specifically the one with sweet devotionals in case there are kids in your family.