Organise your feast table for January

Even though this tradition is not universal, having a special feast table at home to commemorate specific Catholic holidays and memorial days is a beautiful way to add festive mood to your home. This is a perfect way to highlight particular seasons of the liturgical calendar. In addition to it, preparation of such a table and decorating it is a fantastic way to celebrate the crucial days of the Catholic region with your children who will definitely love this idea.

Your feast table on ordinary days

Certainly, your abilities for organising a feast table will depend on the free space you have at home and subsequently, on the spot you have chosen for this purpose. You might be lucky to have an opportunity to earmark an entire table for this purpose or just a surface of a piece of furniture which is otherwise used for other purposes. Still, you might not have free space at all and prefer using just a feast basket instead of an entire table.

Depending on the amount of space you have, you might be willing to put the following items on your table.

First of all, there should be a candle which can be used for family devotions. Another crucial item is certainly a calendar of the memorial days of saints. A picture frame which can be used with a dry erasable marker will be useful too for writing down the information about the current celebration or a memorial day.

Certainly, you would like to use a clothing for the table.

In case you have enough place for a separate book basket, it will also be a great idea to have one. It is up to you which kind of literature you would like to put there. The one can include books on the lives of the Catholic saints, the Bible or a book on the Catholic cuisine. Undeniably, if you have kids at home, you should have some books in the basket for them as well.

Finally, you might be willing to add some other decorations such as, for example, a priest with altar boys. You can find different types of such figurines including the ones in the colours of the corresponding celebrations of the Catholic liturgical calendar.

The additional items for January

Certainly, for the January Catholic feasts, you will need to decorate the table to celebrate Epiphany.

Make sure, you use the white cloth for your feast table for this celebration. The white colour is the colour of the liturgical season of Christmas. You can also choose the set of altar boys with a priest in the corresponding colours.

Undeniably, an amazing addition for your special feast table for Epiphany will be a set representing the Wiseman and the Baby Jesus.

Because of the feast of Epiphany, you might be willing to add the related literature about the Three Kings. You can also add there the stories by St. Thomas Aquinas as well as the books about Mary.